6 June 2024

The Progressive Movement’s core leader Piyabutr Saengkanokkul has vowed to stop criticising the Move Forward party, after its supporters bombarded him with condemnation.

In his live session on Facebook, Piyabutr said that, as the party’s fan club were not ready to listen to his straightforward comments, he will no longer talk about the party.

Piyabutr was referring to his latest critical comments about the party on Thursday, when he called for its leaders to react after Pannika Wanich, also a core leader of the movement, was banned from election or appointment to political office for life by the Supreme Court.

He asked why they did nothing to support Pannika.

Piyabutr said he received a lot of negative comments from the party’s supporters for the comment adding that he is fed up and does not see any benefit in making comments on public issues, as he is being criticised harshly from all sides.

Therefore, he will do something else, such as finishing his books or teaching in universities, he said.