6 June 2024

The Pink Line elevated train between Khae Rai and Min Buri is expected enter public service early next year, as the project is now 98.35% complete and is undergoing trial runs, according to Pakapong Sirikantaramas, governor of the Mass Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT).

He said that the concessionaire with the contract to operate the service, Northern Bangkok Monorail (NBM), wants to commence commercial services by the end of this year, but the MRT wants to make sure that the project is 100% complete. Currently, the escalators, elevators and stairways at three stations are not complete.

Pakapong said he agrees with the company’s intention to commence service as soon as possible, but the whole system must pass a safety assessment before it becomes fully operational.

He added, however, that the company can start the train service on an unofficial basis, but it cannot yet collect fares from those using it.

The MRT has already earmarked 22.5 billion baht, to be paid to the project’s builder in ten instalments of 2.25 billion, with the first instalment due within 45 days of the official commercial launch of the service.

The Pink Line is the second monorail system in Thailand. It will carry passengers from Bangkok’s east and north and Nonthaburi to and from the city centre.

The entire route between Khae Rai in Bangkok to Minburi is 34.5km and there are 30 stations, with the park and ride and maintenance facilities at Min Buri station.

The line will connect with the Orange Line at Min Buri station, the Red Line at Lak Si station, the Green Line at Phra Si Mahathat station and the Purple Line at the Nonthaburi government complex station.