6 June 2024

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has denied, as a fake news report, that it conducted a trial run for the Pink Line monorail system on August 15 and will open it for public trials between September and October.

The report claimed that the Pink Line will be officially opened for service in November.

“The reports are not true. They are not in line with the implementation timeframe set by our concessionaire, the Northern Bangkok Monorail (NBM),” the MRTA press release says.

The NBM plans that the trial run will be conducted in January next year and the system will be open for business next June.

The MRTA asks the public to follow the progress of and news about the project on its www.mrta-pinkline.com website, via Line at @MRTPinkLine and on its Facebook page: โครงการรถไฟฟ้าสายสีชมพู ช่วงแคราย-มีนบุรี

The Pink Line, from Kae Rai to Min Buri, covers a distance of 34.5 kilometres and passes through 30 stations. The project is being implemented at an estimated cost of Bt53 billion.

The monorail system will link with the Purple Line, at the Nonthaburi Government Complex on Rattanathibet Road, with the Orange Line at Min Buri station, where there is a park and ride facility for motorists.