6 June 2024

The Pheu Thai party’s executive committee and MPs will meet on Monday to discuss the House speakership issue, as Pheu Thai’s leader, Chonlanan Srikaew, insists that the Speaker of the House must not represent any specific party.

Meanwhile, Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat said that the party has offered Pheu Thai an opportunity to provide a resolution to the speakership issue, before the House convenes on Tuesday to choose the speaker and two deputies.

Pita urged the media not to raise any new issues related to the speakership which could cause public confusion, such as speculation that Move Forward and Pheu Thai may have to compete for the House speakership in the sitting.

Leaders of the eight coalition parties meet on Sunday to discuss a number of issues of public interest, such as energy prices, the possibility of energy price cuts, household debt, student loans, teacher debt and the police, said Pita, adding that the meeting barely touched on the House speakership issue.

Chonlanan said that the Pheu Thai’s executive committee and MPs hold diverse views on the speakership, but the party will adhere to its regulations when they discuss the matter tomorrow.

He insists that they will try to offer a resolution which is in the public interest and will help in the formation of the government by the pro-democracy parties.

Prachachat party leader Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, meanwhile, urged Move Forward and Pheu Thai to make the most of the remaining hours before the meeting on Tuesday to come up with a resolution on the speakership, warning that a failure to do so will disappoint the public and back-fire on the coalition parties.