6 June 2024

The opposition Pheu Thai party has rejected the Kao Klai party’s proposal to amend Section 272 of the Constitution, on the grounds that it is not the right time for such a move.

Pheu Thai decided today, by an overwhelming majority, not join fellow opposition party Kao Klai in its attempt to limit the Senate’s role in the selection of the country’s Prime Minister.

Pheu Thai spokesman Anusorn Iamsa-ard said today that almost all of its MPs oppose Kao Klai’s approach to Section 272, adding that only one of the party’s MPs, Cholnan Srikaew of Nan province, agrees with the amendment.

The majority of Pheu Thai MPs reaffirmed the party’s proposal to amend Section 256 of the charter, to pave the way for the writing of a new Constitution.

Anusorn said that the party feels, however, that this is not the right time amend Section 272, though it is open to further discussion on the issue in the future.

Meanwhile, defiant Kao Klai said in a Twitter post that the party respects Pheu Thai’s decision, but it will continue to lobby support for its efforts to clip the wings of the Senate.