23 May 2024

The Pheu Thai party will object to a vote recount on the opposition motion for the establishment of a panel to study the impacts of the junta’s pre-election orders and executive orders issued under Section 44 of the Constitution, but may attend the House meeting this Wednesday to ensure a quorum.

Opposition chief whip and Pheu Thai MP Suthin Klangsaeng said, however, that the opposition parties will decide at the Wednesday meeting whether they will agree to the vote recount but, as far as the Pheu Thai party is concerned, the answer is “No”.

He expressed his support for a suggestion that House regulation 85, regarding vote recounts, should be amended to specify clearly the definition of a vote recount and under what circumstances it is permitted.

Suthin went on to say that, if the Government cannot muster enough MPs to form a quorum on Wednesday, it should step aside and let the Opposition take over the administration.

Government chief whip Mr. Wirat Rattanaseth, meanwhile, assured that there will be a quorum on Wednesday, adding that there is no need for the government to step aside if the meeting is not held due to the lack of a quorum.

At least, 251 MPs must be present to form a quorum for a House meeting to be held.