19 May 2024

Pattaya City will set up a Continuity of Care (COC) facility, for patients who are bed-ridden, suffering from pressure sores, chronic wounds, high or low blood pressure and diabetes, to ensure the continuation of care after discharge from hospital.

Pattaya City Mayor Sontaya Kunplome said today (Sunday) that the project has been approved by the city council and is in the process of designating a hospital to implement the project and to work out staffing details and the equipment and technology to be used at the new facility.

He said that Pattaya City is coordinating closely with the village and community health service management centre and has adequate public health volunteers, who are to be mobilised to work for the project, to facilitate the delivery of patients to the facility and to provide counselling to the patients and their families.

This year, hospitals in Pattaya have treated more than 50,000 patients and the number is increasing in line with economic growth and demographic changes. These include 19,029 cases of high blood pressure, 18,185 cases of chronic kidney diseases, 7,902 cases of diabetes and 1,590 cases of high cholesterol.

Continuity of care is a process by which the patient and their physician-led care team are involved in ongoing health care management with a shared goal of high quality and cost-effective medical care.