Over 30 resorts near Kaeng Krachan dam temporarily closed by flooding

More than 30 resorts located downstream of Kaeng Krachan dam, a popular tourist spot in Phetchaburi province have been closed down temporarily due to heavy flooding.

The floodwater levels at the 30 plus resorts reportedly range from 1-3 metres, making it impossible for their operators to carry on with their business.

Also, it was reported that spillover water from the spillway has heavily damaged the only road leading to the resorts downstream of the dam.

Officials at Kaeng Krachan dam said that the dam was discharging 259 cubic metres/second of water out of the dam into the Phetchaburi river after water level in the dam has risen to 750 million cubic metres against its full capacity of 710 million cubic metres.

One of the resort operators, Mr Thongbai Klaipetch, said that his resort and nine others in the same neighbourhood were marooned and the only road to the resorts was badly flooded.

About 60 families of Ban Tham Sua in Tambon Kaeng Krachan have made preparations to evacuate out of their village due to heavy flooding which has rendered their daily livelihood difficult.


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