24 May 2024

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University has developed a liquid solution in which crushed Favipiravir tablets can be dissolved to help young children infected with COVID-19 take the medicine.

Dr. Wanchai Chongcharoen, a lecturer at the faculty, said that they faculty became aware of the difficulties faced by parents, when giving the medication to very young children, and decided to find a way to address it and, thereby, help the infected children.

The liquid solution tastes sweet, which will make it easier for children to take Favipiravir orally, said Dr. Wanchai, adding that the advantages of the solution are that the medicine is suspended in the liquid, will not end up deposited at the bottom of the container and can be kept for ten days in a fridge or at room temperature.

He disclosed that the lab at the faculty, which is small, is capable of producing about 50 litres of the liquid solution a day. The researchers have also prepared a handbook on how to use the solution, he added.

Photo from www.chula.ac.th