6 June 2024

Some MPs from the opposition New Economics Party will defect to the government camp, Mr. Niyom Wiwatthanaditthakul, the party deputy leader, said today (Tuesday), ending 24 hours of speculation about the breakup of the party.

Mr. Niyom today represented the party on behalf of party leader, Mr. Mingkwan Saengsuwan, at the meeting of whips from the seven-party Opposition at the head office of Pheu Thai party, the core Opposition party.

Responding to a reporter’s question about the rumoured defections, Mr. Niyom admitted that some of the party’s six MPs had, indeed, decided to join the government, while he and Mr. Mingkwan remain with the Opposition.

He did not elaborate, but said that the party leader will explain all on Thursday.

The defection of a few MPs from the New Economics Party will offset the breakaway of the Thai Civilized party from the coalition government, to become an independent opposition. It will also slightly strengthen the government, which enjoys only a slim majority in the lower House.

The Thai Civilized Party, previously one of the ten smaller parties in the coalition government led by the Palang Pracharat party, has only one seat in the lower House, held by its leader Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintaranont.