11 July 2024

Opposition and Move Forward Party leader Chaithawat Tulathon has demanded that a deputy Interior Minister provide evidence to support the claim that Move Forward is involved with monarchy reform activists.

Chada Thaised, a Bhumjaithai MP, implied in his statement, during a parliamentary session yesterday, that a Move Forward MP’s assistant has been providing financial support to the activists.

This claim came after Move Forward spokesman Rangsiman Rome presented a photo in parliament showing Chada standing with two individuals identified as royalists.

Chada said that Rangsiman wants to link him with the royalists who were involved in an altercation with the activists of the so-called Taluwang (blasting through the palace) group.

Chaithawat demanded, “Please show the evidence to support the claims that we are behind the group. Like you, I also want to know which parties have financed the campaigns of these young people.”