11 July 2024

Opposition MPs began a House debate against the Prayut government this morning (Wednesday), in what is seen as a prelude to this year’s general election.

The House of Representatives was able to proceed with the debate despite earlier fears that many government MPs would boycott the session to deny it a needed quorum.

Opposition leader Cholnan Srikaew, of the Pheu Thai Party, kicked off the two-day debate with a list of failures and mismanagements by the government, which have resulted in, what he described as, the “sorry state” of the country.

Cholnan accused Prime Minister Prayut and his government of economic mismanagement and cronyism, as well as turning a blind eye to rampant corruption and widespread drug abuse. He also blamed the Prayut government for the country’s unprecedented and mounting debt.

The session is being held under Article 152 of the Constitution, which permits MPs to propose a general debate to raise questions with the Cabinet and to offer advice. Such sessions, however, often turns into de facto censure debates.

As many as 35 opposition MPs have signed up to speak during the debate, which comes ahead of a general election, which is expected in the near future.