11 July 2024

Thailand recorded one new COVID-19 infection in state quarantine today.

According to the CCSA, the new case is a 24-year Thai male student, who arrived in Thailand from Indonesia on August 3rd and entered state quarantine in Chon Buri province. Asymptomatic, he tested positive for COVID-19 on August 15th and was immediately admitted to hospital.


Accumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,378, with 3,194 recoveries and 58 deaths. 126 others are still being treated in hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yong Poovorawan, a well-known virologist at Chulalongkorn University, urged everyone to help Thailand pass the 100-day milestone of being free from locally acquired infections.

In his Facebook post today, he said that several countries and cities had hoped to achieve the 100-day milestone, and they almost succeeded, only to be struck by a second wave of infections, like Peking, Hong Kong and Vietnam.


He said that Vietnam made it to 99 days, while New Zealand passed the 100-day milestone.

Dr. Yong said that Thailand has made it to more than 80 days, not knowing whether it would achieve the 100-day marker or not, noting that the virus spreads easily during the current rainy season.

With the resumption of normal in-person classes for students, he disclosed that an increasing number of respiratory illnesses, such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and flu, are being reported among children. He recommended increased COVID-19 tests for those suffering from respiratory diseases.