23 May 2024

The provincial communicable disease committee of Chiang Mai has decided to extend the suspension of on-site learning at schools until end of November, as hundreds of new COVID-19 infections surface on a daily basis.

The committee also decided to lock down six areas in Mae Ai, Doi Saked, Mae Jam, Hang Dong and San Sai in a desperate effort to contain the spread of the disease. Everyone in theseareas, who are considered to be at high risk, are subject to COVID-19 tests and, even if tested negative, are to remain at home quarantine for 14 days.

On Thursday, Governor Prachon Pratsakul ordered the 14 day lockdown of 15 communities in the municipal area of Chiang Mai and all residents there have been told to get COVID-19 tests and vaccinations.

456 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in the province on Friday, bringing cumulative infections, since April this year, to 21,674. Total deaths are 82, including 4 yesterday. 16,404 patients have recovered. 4,900 people are still being treated, including 2,296 in community isolation facilities.

Songyot Kamchai, head of the disease control unit at the provincial health office, said that, of the new infections logged on Friday, 6 came from other provinces and the remainder are locally-acquired cases. Many infections are linked to clusters, such as 62 cases at a Chiang Rai Food factory in Fang district and 27 cases at Ban Mae Jae village in Mae Na Jon sub-district.

He also said that cluster infections have been detected in construction dormitory facilities of foreign migrant workers, hotels, hospitals, universities, malls, eateries, military camps, at funerals and at other crowded activities.

The six areas currently placed under lockdown are:

Ban Mok Pao in Mae Sao sub-district, Mae Ai district, from November 9th to 22nd.

Nang Bua Pan rental facility in Doi Saked district, from November 8th to 21st.

Ban Mae Jae village in Mae Jam district, from November 11th to 24th.

Construction worker dormitory in Ban Wane sub-district, Hang Dong district, from November 10th to 23rd.

 Vegetable, fried food and pork stalls at Sam Yaek market in San Sai district, from November 12th to 25th.

Construction worker dormitory of the Chiang Mai Rim Doi company in Hang Dong district, from November 8thto 21st.