22 May 2024

Commercial areas in Bangkok’s neighboring province of Nonthaburi, which cover two major fresh markets, commercial buildings, shop houses and all forms of retail outlets, have been closed from today for 7-14 days, as the provincial administration steps up restrictions to control the continuing surge of COVID-19 infections.

165 new cases were logged on Monday, raising cumulative infections in the province, since April 1st, to 3,140, according to an update from the CCSA operations centre of Nonthaburi. Of these, 2,200 have recovered and 1,117 are still being treated in hospitals. The death toll, since April 1st, is 24, accounting for 0.71% of all infections.

According to the CCSA operations centre, the majority of the new infections yesterday are among family members and those who frequented the commercial areas. These include 16 migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam and the rest are local Thais.

According to the closure order, issued by Governor Suchin Chaichumsak, the areas are divided into Red zone, which remains closed for 14 days, and the Green zone, which is to close for a week.

The Red zone covers the Nonthaburi Municipal Market, Sombat fresh market, all adjacent commercial buildings, shop houses and all retail outlets, including push carts, stalls and vendors located on the same side as the two markets, from Sri Pornsawan intersection to Nonthaburi pier, and beyond to both sides of the road parallel to the river embankment, up to the Chao Mae Taptim shrine.

The Green zone covers the areas on the opposite side of the two markets, demarcated by roads.