New seamless travel through toll plazas on Motorway No 9 from October 29

Thailand’s Highways Department will put the new M-Flow toll system on tests from October 29th at Dan Tap Chang and Dan Tanya Buri toll plazas on Motorway No 9, which will allow seamless travel for motorists and help reduce congestion at toll gates.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said today (Tuesday) that the toll system will recognize the vehicles by their license plates and allow them to pass through without having to slow down, because there will no longer be Easy Pass or M-Pass automatic barriers at these gates.

With the M-Flow system, he said vehicle flow through the toll gates will be increased by five times, to between 2,000-2,500 vehicles per hour travelling at a speed of up to 120kph, compared to 500 for Easy Pass or M-Pass gates.

Saksayam said that, if the tests are successful, the new system will be expanded to other special routes, such as the Motorway No 7 between Bangkok and Map Ta Phut and even expressways.

Once the M-Flow system is in place in all motorways and expressways, the minister said that the cash collection toll system, as well as the M-Pass and Easy Pass systems, will be abolished.

The M-Flow system is based on prepaid system, with the users subscribing via the M-Flow app, QR Code and, in the next stage, via online banking or through convenience stores. Payments can be made upon subscription or within 30 days of subscription.

100,000 subscribers are being accepted for the trial period and motorists will receive two free uses of the toll way.

For those who refuse to pay toll fees, the transport minister said they face a fine of 10 times the amount of toll fees owed.


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