New Economics party ready defect to Government coalition if invited

The opposition New Economics party is ready to join the governing coalition, should such an invitation be extended by senior government figure, party leader Mr. Manoon Sivaphiromrat said today (Saturday)

Four Economics party MPs defied the opposition resolution to boycott the House meeting on Wednesday, during which a fresh vote on the motion to investigate executive orders issued under Section 44 of the interim constitution was held.

While insisting that the New Economics party is still allied to and working with the Opposition, Mr. Manoon said that the party reserves the right to maintain its own stance on any issues.

Citing the Opposition’s motion to set up the investigative panel, he said that the New Economics party disagreed with the move and did not want House meetings to be repeatedly aborted due to the lack of a quorum.

While maintaining that the New Economics party is not a “cobra” (traitor) within the Opposition camp, he said that their MPs area ready to vote in support of the Government during the upcoming censure debate and that he has been in regular contact with government MPs.

“We are still waiting, but no one has called yet.  We are junior, but if there is an invitation from an appropriate person, we will discuss the matter within the party.  At present, we are in opposition.  If we were to join the Government, we will make an announcement.  Even if we are not promised a cabinet seat, if our policies can be implemented, we are ready to join.  Our stand remains unchanged, namely that we want the country’s economy to move forward,” said Mr. Manoon.

The New Economics party hold six seats in the House of Representatives.


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