New Economics Party remains in the Opposition, but it may take its own position on some issues

The New Economics Party is still aligned with the Opposition but it may, when necessary, take an independent position, party leader Mingkwan Sangsuwan announced on Wednesday in parliament.

He dismissed as untrue a rumour that some of its MPs will defect to Palang Pracharat, the government’s core party, stressing all the party’s six MPs are still with the party and in the opposition camp.

He said that the New Economics Party will not oppose every move or project of the government just for the sake of opposing them, adding that the party’s six MPs might vote against the Opposition on certain issues.

“Do not ask whether we will become an independent opposition. Time will prove our worth, whether keep our word or not.  Don’t be worried, when there is a censure debate, the New Economics party will definitely join in,” said Mingkwan.

The party’s secretary-general, Mr. Pasakorn Ngermcharonkul, however, admitted that the party felt frustrated because some were obsessed with playing political games, while the New Economics Party is keen to deal with economic issues, which were often ignored.



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