11 July 2024

A room on the second floor of the Thai Khu Fah building in the Government House compound has been renovated and refurnished, ready to serve as a residence for Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

Srettha has not yet revealed the exact date of his move to the new domicile, only stating that it will be after January 7.

He indicated his intention to move to Government House shortly after taking office last year, citing a desire to alleviate the daily traffic congestion caused by his motorcade.

His personal residence is in the heart of Bangkok and traveling to and from it in a motorcade worsens the already heavy traffic, he explained. Government House has served as the office of Thai prime ministers since March 1942, but Srettha will be the first to make the place his home as well.

In September, he announced plans to spend three or four nights a week there, especially on days he has to work late.

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He recently showed the room to a Thai PBS crew. It features a king-size bed, TV, bedside light and a sofa. The second floor is divided into a study for the PM, connected to his bedroom, a staff meeting room and a general meeting room.

by Marisa Chimprabha