NCPO has final say on election day: EC secretary-general

Election Commission secretary-general Charoongwit Poomma clarified on Sunday that the earliest election day on February 24 floated by the EC chairman was just a “model” as the final say would rest with the National Council for Peace and Order.

He said EC chairman Itthiporn Boonprakong set the February 24 timeline as the earliest election date to be used as a basis for the working framework of election officials by taking into account the Members of Parliament election bill which is expected to be published in the Royal Gazette in mid-September so as it will come into effect in mid-December.

After that, there will be a 150-day period within which an election must be held as mandated by the Constitution.  The 150-day period will end on May 11.

Hence, the earliest election date is February 24 and the latest date will be May 5, said Mr Charoongwit, adding however that in determining the exact election date, the NCPO order 53/2560 must be taken into consideration.

He also said that the readiness of political parties and political groups in contesting the election must also be taken into account.

But as far as the EC is concerned, he said the EC must be well prepared as best as it can.

“When the election will be held, sooner or later, depends on when the NCPO will lift the ban on political activities,” he added.


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