24 May 2024
The Thai Navy SEAL, hailed as hero in the two-weeks-long Tham Luang ordeal, this morning thanks all the people and organizations that contributed to the success of the high-risk rescue operation that safely brought out all the 12 young footballers and their coach from the cave.

In a message posted on its Facebook page, the Navy SEAL describes what happened as ” an operation that the world will remember for a long time.”

The message reads:  “The operation that the world must remember has ended successfully with all Wild Boars having been brought home. The Thai Navy SEAL would like to thank all concerned — be they teams of divers from all over the world, medical teams, international support teams, team of former SEAL members, morale-boosting teams, resupply team, water pumping teams, electrical supply teams, cave scaling teams, teams of cooks, toilet cleaning teams, trash collecting teams, the people of Mae Sai and the people all over the world who sent their moral support, enabling us to accomplish the mission.”

“With the pooling of the power of all in the world, this is an operation that the world will remember for a long time,” it added.