21 May 2024

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation plans to distribute one million ‘Green Heart passports’ to tourists visiting Thailand’s 155 national parks during the New Year holidays, in a campaign to promote environmentally-friendly tourism.

Visitors to any of those national parks can show the document to park officials at the entrance, along with their water canteen, drinking cups, lunch boxes or cotton bags, and they will have their passports stamped with two stars.

If they do the same on subsequent visits to the parks, more stars will be added until they reach ten stars, then the passport holder will get free entrance to a park.

The passports will be valid until December 31st 2020.

Mr. Damras Poprasit, director of the Office of National Parks, said that the passport project is intended to instil a sense of environmental awareness in visitors and an understanding of how they should behave so as not to harm the environment in the parks.

Anyone interested in obtaining the passport can call the Office of National Parks on 025610777 ext. 1742 or log into the office’s Facebook page.