6 June 2024

Former Democrat deputy leader Korn Chatikavanij, and the co-founders of his new political party, have chosen Valentine’s Day (February 14th) for the revelation of its name.

In his Facebook post today (Friday), Korn thanked the over 120,000 supporters who proposed names for the nascent party.

He said he was very excited about naming the party, which he says reminds him of the excitement of starting work after graduation. “This is the sensation of being involved in a political start-up” he admitted.

Korn said that the proposed party names were grouped by keywords, and he found that supporters from the southern province of Songkhla were as enthusiastic as those in Bangkok when proposing names.

Brain-storming sessions were held to screen and shortlist the most appropriate names, which reflect three characteristics, namely, it is a start-up party, it practices forward movement to solve problems and bring about national development and it has a global mind set.

Korn said he wishes the party to be a convergence of “people who have something” who want to work to effect change, adding that it must work as a professional does, with creativity, efficiency and a realistic mind set.