23 May 2024

A Palang Thai Rak Thai party-list MP has declared his assets to be worth about 1.1 billion baht, including two mythical metallic pieces (Lek Lai), which the MP claims have a combined value of 1 billion baht.

The MP, Kathathep Techadetruangkul, claimed in his assets declaration to the National Anti-Corruption Commission that he obtained the two Lek Lai, a rock mineral otherwise known as Magnetite which is believed to possess mysterious properties by the superstitious, in 1994.

His other assets include one meteorite worth about 10 million baht, two Phra Somdet Buddha amulets which he declared at about 25 million baht, 2.2 million baht in bank deposits, a house worth about eight million baht and about 800,000 baht of debt.

Kathathep said today that, after suffering a series of misfortunes and bad luck about two decades ago, he obtained one of the Lek Lai, which he claims is 700 million baht, from a villager.

He claimed that, when the Lek Lai was with him, his life steadily changed for the better and his wishes have been mostly fulfilled, to the extent that his improved fortunes and the mythical metal became the talk of the town, with many people visiting his house to pay respects and ask for blessings from the Lek Lai.

The MP claimed that an unidentified foreigner, who believes in the mythical powers of the lucky charm, had offered him 700 million baht for it, but he turned the offer down.

The NACC Office today disclosed the assets declared by 80 MPs, as required by the Constitution.  The assets of some of the MPs are:

Future Forward party Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, a total asset value of 5.137 billion baht, comprised of 1.5 billion baht cash, 1.527 billion baht in bank deposits, investments worth 3.014 billion baht, land worth 41 million baht and a house worth 47 million baht.

Future Forward secretary-general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul declared assets worth 9.9 million baht with debts of 2.3 million baht.

Thai Civilized party leader Mongkolkit Suksintharanon declared 192 million baht in assets and 19 million baht of debt.

Future Forward spokeswoman Pannika Wanich declared 3.3 million baht in assets and about 700,000 baht of debt.

Palang Pracharat MP Ms. Pareena Kraikupt reported 169 million baht in assets and 29 million baht of debt.