6 June 2024

Former secretary general of the defunct Future Forward party, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, has urged the Move Forward party to announce formally and immediately that it will lead the opposition in parliament, warning that hesitation in doing so will be seen as weakness, indecisive and lacking courage.

“There has been enough ambiguity. There has been enough of party members expressing their own opinions, without the party making a formal decision,” he said in his lengthy Facebook post on Thursday.

He warned that, by playing the victim, to arouse public sympathy, may work at the appropriate time but, in the long run, people will become bored and see the party is weak.

Piyabutr, currently the secretary general of the Progressive movement, formed after the dissolution of the Future Forward party, said it is now crystal clear that the Move Forward party is unwanted by most of the parties with representation in parliament, among them Pheu Thai, Bhumjaithai, United Thai Nation, Palang Pracharath, Chartthaipattana and others.

He claimed that people who voted for or against the Move Forward party understand the difficulties faced by the party in its attempt to form a new government, but accept that the party has done its best, although to no avail.

“Why does the party not take a stand and become the opposition, using its 151 votes in the House and the 14.4 million votes of its supporters to perform its duties in parliament?” he asked.

He further urged the party to stop hoping that there might be a chance that they will be invited to join the government, adding that, although the party is without allies in parliament, there are still many supporters outside.

“The party may lose today, but it may win tomorrow,” he added philosophically.