11 July 2024

The opposition Move Forward party has decided to expel a former electoral candidate over alleged sexual harassment and a city councillor has been penalised for alleged involvement in a public brawl and violence, according to party spokesman Parit Wacharasindhu.

He told the media today (Thursday) that the party’s executive committee found that Kriangkrai Chankokpoeng, a former electoral candidate, had committed an act of sexual harassment as alleged and decided to sack him from the party, with immediate effect, because his conduct is against the party’s regulations. He added that the party has already apologised to the victim.

In the second case, Parit said Sirin Sanguansin, one of the party’s city councillors, was found to have been involved in a public brawl and violence, which is against the party’s regulations.

The committee decided to penalise Sirin by depriving him of the right to be appointed to or hold a position in the party or chair a parliamentary committee.

Meanwhile, Move Forward constituency MP for Prachin Buri province, Wuttiphong Thonglour, who was accused of committing sexual harassment against a party volunteer, categorically denied the accusation, claiming that he was the victim of a false allegation aimed at discrediting the Move Forward party.

In his Facebook live session on Wednesday, Wuttiphong claimed that a group of people in his home province tried to defame him and tarnish the party’s image by making a false sexual harassment accusation against him about five months ago, to distract public attention from an investigation on alleged corruption.

He claimed that the allegation of sexual harassment referred to something which was alleged to have happened about 18 months ago, before he was elected to parliament.

The Move Forward party admitted that an investigation into the allegation was launched some time ago and, so far, there is insufficient evidence to prove that Wuttiphong is in the wrong.