23 May 2024

The Constitutional Court is unlikely to issue a ruling on the fate of the opposition Move Forward party this month and has given the party more time to present additional defense evidence against an application for the dissolution of the party, Constitutional Court president Nakharin Mektrairat said today.

The court accepted for consideration the Election Commission’s petition and application, seeking to have the party dissolved and the executive committee members banished from politics for ten years, on charges of attempting to overthrow the Constitutional Monarchy by calling for amendment of lèse majesté law (Criminal Code §112).

The court gave the party until April 17 to produce evidence to the court in its defence.

Nakharin said, today though, that the court may extend the 15-day deadline, as requested by the Move Forward party, if its explanation for the extension is reasonable.

He also said that it is not yet clear yet whether the party will ask for an enquiry to be conducted before there is a ruling from the court, adding that the court is open to explanation from the party regarding the need for an enquiry, during which witnesses can be summoned to testify in person or in writing.

The Constitutional Court president denied that the judges have already reached a decision on the fate of the party, saying that, at this stage, dissolution of the party is just a speculation.