6 June 2024

Thai Sang Thai Secretary-General Sita Divari warned the Move Forward and Pheu Thai parties today (Friday) to stop quarrelling over the House speakership and unite.

In his Facebook post today, Sita wrote “Bandits unite when they rob, but will quarrel when it comes time to split the loot.”

“Don’t forget that we used this wording before when referring to “those uncles” (Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prawit Wongsuwan and Anupong Paochinda). Today, we have won over the thieves who stole democracy from us and they are now packing up.”

“We should celebrate our victory by uniting, returning democracy to the people and not bickering over the fortune stolen by the thieves. It is a shame for the people who have trust in us and vote for us,” wrote Sita.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai party-list MP Chalerm Yubamrung said yesterday that the House speaker should represent all parties, not just one adding, however, that he would prefer the post to belong to the Pheu Thai party but, if the party decides to give the post to the Move Forward party, he will have to respect the party’s decision.

The veteran politician said that youth is not a problem for the House speaker, but they must have experience, be impartial and represent all parties.

He suggested that representatives of the eight coalition parties turn to their respective parties to decide first which party should get the House speakership.

Commenting on the formation of the new government, Chalerm said that, in his experience, forming a government is not an easy task, as he appealed for patience.

He also appealed to young politicians and the new generation not to look down on old politicians or their elders.