24 June 2024

The Air Pollution Coordination and Resolution Centre is appealing for motorists to reduce the use of their private vehicles and switch to public transport until Tuesday, to limit the accumulation of PM2.5 dust in and around Bangkok.

The centre said air circulation in expected to weaken during the period, especially on Monday and Tuesday. This will increase the level of PM2.5 air pollution.

Meanwhile, the Pollution Control Department reported today that 53 areas in Bangkok and its vicinity have excessive levels of PM2.5 in the atmosphere, with Nong Khaem district in Bangkok and Mahachai sub-district in Samut Sakhon being the worst-affected, with the levels of PM2.5 of 53.3µg/m³ and 59.2µg/m³ respectively. The outlook, the department said, is that air pollution will get worse.

According to the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, 133 hotspots were detected across the country today, with 47 in rice fields, 40 in forests, 10 in sugarcane plantations, 4 in corn fields, 22 on other farmland and 10 elsewhere.