6 June 2024

Sgt-Maj Jakrapanth Thomma allegedly shot dead nine people at Wat Pa Sattharam, in Tambon Hua Thaley in Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Saturday, according to Phra Manaswin Thirungkulo, a monk at the temple, who claims he witnessed the shooting.

The monk said he was in the forest temple at the time Jakrapanth drove the stolen Humvee into its compound, parked the vehicle and alighted carrying an assault rifle.

The monk said he saw the trooper calmly load a magazine, raise his rifle and start shooting at vehicles and people on the road where he stood.

The monk claimed that Jakrapanth remained in the same spot, firing at passers-by and vehicles, for about half an hour.  One student, riding a motorcycle, was shot and two policemen on a motorcycle were also shot, he said.

Nine people were found lying dead on that road.