6 June 2024

The five remaining survivors of the Wild Boards soccer team have been safely brought out of Tham Luang cave, ending three days of high-risk rescue operation that has captivated the world.


“The 12 Wild Boars and the coach have safely emerged from the cave,”  the Thai Navy SEAL declared on its official Facebook page.


The five last survivors are on their way to joining their 8 team mates who are recovering at Chiang Rai hospital where they are being kept in an isolation ward.


It said the ninth survivor emerged from the cave at 4.06 pm, followed by the 10th and 11th at 6.18 pm.  The 12th young footballer and the coach emerged at 6.44 pm.


The SEAL’s message ignited an eruption of cheers and applauses all across the country even as ambulances were still having their lights flashing and helicopter going up and down near the entrance of Tham Luang cave preparing to bring the five survivors to hospital.


Three SEAL members and Dr Park Loharnchun, a doctor-diver who has completed the SEAL course, who had been staying with the 13 survivors since they were discovered a week ago are expected to emerge later from the cave tonight.