6 June 2024
A 59-year-old Thai woman, reportedly suffering from Alzheimer, who went missing from Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Rai eight months ago has been found in Kunming, in China’s Yunnan province, about 700km from home.
Kunming police found the woman, Mrs. Kaewmanee Arjor, walking alone on the R3A highway and alerted Thai officials in Kunming.
Pol Lt-Gen Surachet Hakparn, commissioner of Thai immigration police, ordered immigration officials in Chiang Rai, accompanied by Mrs. Kaewmanee’s daughter, Mrs. Suchada, to fly to Kunming to be reunited with her mother on Thursday. They are expected to be back to Chiang Rai today in the company of Thai immigration police.
Initial questioning of Mrs. Kaewmanee indicates that she walked from her home in Chiang Rai to Kunming.  It is not currently known how she survived but she appears to be healthy and could communicate with her daughter but was unable to offer details of her journey.
Pol Col Siriphol Kusosilpvuthi, offered his thanks to the Chinese police who arranged accommodation for Mrs. Kaewmanee while Thai officials arranged to go and collect her. He also thanked Pol Lt-Gen Surachate and Chiang Rai immigration police who reportedly funded the air tickets to fly Mrs. Suchada back home.
The colonel said that he was impressed with the kindness shown by the Chinese police and the humanity of the Thai immigration police.