21 May 2024

Miss Universe Thailand 2021, Thai-Australian Model Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, will wear an unorthodox Thai costume based on that of an ancient Thai female combatant, featuring rope-bound hands instead of boxing gloves, at the 70th Miss Universe pageant in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat in Israel on December 12th.

The costume is called “Woman of Steel”, or “Nang Kad” in Thai which literally means a woman whose hands are bound in rope.

The avant-garde designer, Jaturon Raepetch, said that his costume design for Anchilee is inspired by a Thai traditional costume worn by female combatants in the ancient martial art which is the predecessor Muay Thai.

He said that he adapted the traditional martial art costume to blend with internationalism, to illustrate women’s power, courage and beauty, adding that it reflects more than just beauty, but also the unique identity and fighting spirit of the Thai people.