11 July 2024

Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has assured that people can still travel to the northern region of the country, as the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in area is limited and is under control.

Meanwhile, three new COVID-19 cases were reported today in the north, two in Chiang Rai province, related to Thai returnees from Myanmar’s Thachilek township, and one in Tak province.

The minister urged Thai people working in Thachilek to return, assuring that they will be provided with free local quarantine, health screening and treatment, if they are infected.

He said that there is only a slim chance of more locally-transmitted cases, because all the new arrivals from Thachilek went through the proper immigration process and immediately went into isolation, unlike the first group who snuck across the border and travelled to the other places.

Mr. Anutin attempted to allay public concern over safety at concerts, or other events where public gatherings are expected during the New Year festival, but advised the public to protect themselves by wearing face masks while outdoors.

The Communicable Diseases Committee of Chiang Rai reported today that two Thais, who worked in Thachilek and snuck across the border on November 26th via the natural border crossing in Mae Sai district and then visited an entertainment venue in Mae Sai, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday after they developed symptoms.

Chiang Rai is still open to all tourists and some were spotted today, but not as many as normal for a weekend. There are 11 COVID-cases in the province, all related to returnees from Thachilek.

In Tak province today, one 43-year old Pakistani businessman,engaged in the export of Japanese used cars to Myanmar, tested positive for the virus when he visited Mae Sot Hospital, to apply for a health certificate for travel to Japan on Friday. Health officials checked his itinerary since December 1st and have managed to trace eight “high risk” and 15 “low risk” contacts.

The CCSA, meanwhile, reported 19 new COVID-19 cases today, including two locally transmitted infections. They includea 19-year old Thai woman from Britain, a 26-year old Thai woman from the Netherlands, a 24-year Thai woman from Malaysia, a 22-year old Indian woman from Sweden, three Thai women from the US, one Dutch and one Swiss citizen from Switzerland, an Indian woman from India, a Thai woman from Mexico and six Thais from Myanmar.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 4,072, with 3,848 recoveries. 164 others are still being treated in hospitals.