11 July 2024

Stargazers across the country will have a chance to watch spectacular fireballs streaking across the sky tomorrow night (Thursday), from around 7pm, according to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT).

The Northern Taurid meteor shower will be visible with the naked eye in the eastern sky throughout the night, with a peak of about five shooting stars per hour, said NARIT.

The Taurid meteor shower will not produce many shooting stars, but the few that will streak across the sky may be bright, spectacular fireballs.

The annual shooting star display, which occurs during the last three months of the year, is actually a combination of two meteor showers, the Northern Taurids and the Southern Taurids, both associated with Comet Encke.

People in the Northern and Southern hemispheres will have two different peak viewing times.  The Northern Taurid meteor shower peaks overnight on November 11th and 12th and is visible from the Northern Hemisphere.