21 May 2024

Many schools around the country resumed on-site classes for the second semester today, after being closed since May due to COVID-19 pandemic.

At Bodindecha School in Bangkok, the director, Wisit Jaithoeng, said that on-site classes were open today for about 600 lower secondary students, out of 4,413, as a trial, adding that 16 sites with good air circulation and which are considered safe have been designated as their classrooms.

He said that about 94% of students have been inoculated with two vaccine doses and he expects all students to be fully inoculated by November 8th.

Some of the students approached by Thai PBS reporters said they were excited to see their friends again after several months apart, but fewer parents were seen arriving with their children, compared to pre-COVID-19.

In Samut Sakhon province, only three schools were allowed to reopen by the provincial communicable disease committee after being closed since last December, when the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic struck the province.

About 90% of the more than 3,000 high school students at Samut Sakhon Wittayalai, one of the three schools allowed to reopen, have been fully vaccinated.

The school’s director said that the students will attend in person and online classes on alternate weeks. Each classroom will contain only 23 students to maintain social distancing.

The other two Samut Sakhon schools which reopened today were Wat Laksipipat and Lak Song Songserm Wittaya.