Majority of Thais agree with conscription – Super Poll

81.9% of respondents to a Super Poll agree that there is no better alternative to conscription when ensuring national security and that assistance is available to Thai people in cases of a natural disaster or civil unrest. 18.1% insist, however, that there are better alternatives, such as voluntary enlisting or paying the state to avoid conscription

Super Poll conducted an opinion survey on the topic of “Politicians and Revocation of Conscription” by sampling the opinions of 3,084 netizens, in various occupations, nationwide and the opinions of 1,250 face to face between November 15th and 30th.

The poll shows 60.3% of the respondents were impressed with the performance of troops during the 2011 Big Flood. 56.0% were impressed with the efforts to rescue the Wild Boar footballers from the flooded Tham Luang cave. 50.8% were impressed with troops during the widespread flooding in the north-east this year. 41.7% were impressed with military’s role in rural development and 36.4% for their involvement in other miscellaneous matters.

61.4% of the respondents agree that conscription remains necessary for Thailand, against 18.4% who disagree.

Super Poll Research Office director Noppadol Kannika said that a political party has been campaigning to scrap conscription, by exploiting fear of military service and a preference for a comfortable life compared to the tough life in military service.


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