23 May 2024

The Mae Sot district hospital, last night, declared an emergency situation and mobilised doctors, nurses and other officials to cope with a large number of displaced Myanmar people seeking medical treatment.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a hospital official said that the hospital cannot distinguish whether the patients seeking emergency treatment are civilians or military personnel and has admitted them all for medical treatment on humanitarian grounds.

Meanwhile, the Than Lwin Khet News claimed that almost 200 bombs and rockets were fired at rebel positions near the second Thai-Myanmar friendship bridge throughout yesterday and last night, to relieve pressure on Myanmar troops retreating from a camp in Myawaddy township and who are now holding out in trenches and bunkers close to the bridge.

Harbin Y-12 planes dropped bombs on suspected rebel positions yesterday morning, followed by MI-35 helicopter gunships, opening fire with machine guns and rockets. At about 1pm, a MiG-29 appeared in the sky and dropped bombs near the bridge, according to Than Lwin Khet News.

At about 3.50pm, six bombs were dropped by a MiG-29, causing some houses near the bridge to catch fire. The air strikes continued into last night, forcing more than 3,000 Myanmar civilians to flee into Thailand, said the news report.

It claimed that the intense bombardment was part of the Myanmar government’s campaign to recapture four military camps and the Myawaddy township, which fell to Karen rebel forces over a week ago.

Troop reinforcements, led by armoured cars and armoured personnel carriers, from Kawkareik township in Karen state, are reportedly heading for Myawaddy township on Highway 1.