11 July 2024

Top English Premier League soccer club, Liverpool, has issued a statement saying that they do not approve of the resale of tickets for the exhibition match at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok on July 12th, between the club and Manchester United, billed as “The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022.”

The club also said that it disagrees with the way by which the genuine tickets are being resold, which has led to misunderstanding among its fans.

It also denied a claim that some lucky fans will have theopportunity to dine with its players, adding that it is disappointed that its fans have received such misinformation.

Nevertheless, the club said that it is excited and looking forward to the pre-season match in Bangkok and to meetingits fans while in Thailand.

The ticket drama went viral on social media midweek, when celebrity YouTuber Pimradaporn Benjawattanapat, who is also a famous online vendor, claimed she had 20,000 tickets for sale at discount prices, with a special perk for some lucky buyers, who will have an opportunity to join the players at a dinner in Bangkok and gain entry to a concert rehearsal by famous rapper Jackson Wang.

Her online sales pitch caused an immediate outcry among Thai fans, with many questioning how she managed to amass such a huge number of tickets, about 40% percent of the seats available at the stadium. Others have expressed resentment, feeling that they were cheated for having paid full price for their tickets.

The organiser of the match, Fresh Air Festival executive Vinij Lertratanachai, admitted that the tickets were purchased by Pimradaporn at full price and that they were unsold tickets which were allotted to the two soccer clubs for sale to fans abroad and which were returned to the company unsold.

Pimradaporn claimed, in her Facebook livestream on Thursday, that she had paid 400 million baht for the 20,000 tickets.

Vinij also said that the tickets do not include the opportunityfor some fans to dine with the players or to attend the concert rehearsal.

Thai Ticket Major, the authorised ticket sale outlet, has restricted ticket sales to four per person.