6 June 2024
Lawyer Thanetnut Sukhontapun files complaint with anti-corruption police today.

A lawyer has filed a complaint with anti-corruption police, alleging that the signatures of some of the senators on a petition seeking a charter court ruling against the prime minister were forged.

Thanetnut Sukhontapun bases his allegation on media interviews given by four senators, who denied that they had co-signed the petition.

He also quoted “reliable sources” as confirming that some signatures were falsified.

He has asked the police to verify the authenticity of the signatures.

The list of the 40 senators who signed the petition has not yet been revealed, but it is reported that it will be made public when the court delivers its final decision.

Today, the Constitutional Court voted to accept the petition for consideration.

It challenges the legitimacy of the appointment of Phichit Chuenban as PM’s Office Minister.

The court rejected the call to suspend Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin pending the court’s final decision.

Srettha has 15 days to submit his written rebuttal to the court.