22 May 2024

The deputy governor of Thailand’s Krabi province has offered a public apology to the people of Phuket for his derogatory and unproven claim that they had spread coronavirus to his province.

Mr. Somkuan Khan-ngern told the media today that it was a thoughtless accusation, made during an inspection of screening checkpoint in Ao Nang district of Krabi yesterday. He said he had no intention to offend the people of Phuket.
Mr. Somkuan had also reportedly refused to allow people from Phuket to enter Krabi.

Ahead of the nation-wide relaxation of lockdown restrictions, starting tomorrow (Sunday), the Phuket provincial administration is to allow hundreds of migrant workers to return to their home provinces. Those who want to leave were told to apply for a “Fit to Travel” permit from the provincial administration, to be shown to officials at their destinations.
Since Phuket has the second highest number of infections, after Bangkok, people leaving the province will be subject to 14-days in quarantine at their destinations.

In Phitsanuloke, Governor Pipat Aekpapant said today that officials are ready to receive 105 returnees from Phuket.
Meanwhile, the screening checkpoint, on a highway in Denchai district of Phrae, caused a three kilometer queue of traffic, as the vehicle occupants waited to have their temperatures checked.