24 May 2024

Klong Toey, Bang Khae, Ratchathewi, Din Daeng, and Laksi are Bangkok districts with the highest number of COVID-19 infections since April 2021, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

As the capital continues to report most infections and deaths in Thailand, with almost a third of all the cases found in the current wave, “Sentinel Surveillance”, which is monitoring rates of occurrence of specific diseases, has been conducted at markets, communities, construction worker housing facilities and factories in the capital on a random basis with the following results:

  • Tests, conducted in communities between May 27th and July 18th, found 194 people, out of 12,222, or 1.3% tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Tests, conducted between June 9th and July 18th in markets, found 365 out of 18,952, or 1.93% infected.
  • Tests, conducted between June 10th and July 18th in worker camps, found 544 out of 6,446, or 8.44%, infected, and the camps have been sealed.
  • Tests conducted between July 2nd and 18th in 72 factories, found 380 out of 5,892, or 6.45% infected.

Over 2,000 cases have been found in Bangkok every day over the past week, with 2,166 reported yesterday (Monday). 26 deaths, of the 81 reported yesterday, were also found in the capital.

Meanwhile, Lerdsin Hospital in Bangkok has closed its emergency room (ER) and has stopped providing emergency services until further notice, claiming that the hospital is now overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases and has exceeded its capacity.

The hospital also said in its Facebook post late Monday night that it is running short of medical staff, because several of them have COVID-19 and it may be unsafe for members of the public to seek emergency treatment there.

It offered a public apology for the inconveniences and promised to resume emergency services as soon as possible.