11 July 2024

The 8-bed ICU for severe COVID-19 cases requiring ventilators and the 30-bed cohort ward at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s General Hospital, also known as Klang Hospital, is now fully occupied, but the hospital is still providing medical services to asymptomatic COVID-19 out-patients and patients with mild symptoms, according to the hospital’s director, Dr. Kutcharin Jiamsripong.

Besides the in-patients, she told Thai PBS today (Tuesday) that the hospital has been visited by almost 300 people each day who came for COVID-19 tests and medication, including Favipiravir, Molnupiravir or others in accordance with their symptoms.

She explained that Klang Hospital is the main general hospital, under Bangkok’s administration, that is receiving patients transferred from other hospitals also operated by the administration, adding that the hospital is capable of handling the situation.

If the situation develops beyond the capacity of the hospital, newly arriving patients will be sent to one of six other hospitals.

Thailand’s official daily COVID-19 cases have been fluctuating below and above 2,000 over the past week, with the authorities predicting a continued surge in infections and a peak in September.