King wishes Thai people happiness and to work for the benefit of the country


His Majesty the King has expressed his wishes for the Thai people to enjoy physical and mental health, to have clear wisdom and awareness of good behaviour and to have the determination to work for the benefit of the country and the public.

In his New Year’s message, the King also said that to err is normal, provided that one learns from the error, rectifies it and does not repeat it.

“In any work, mistakes are normal, but the mistakes must lead to learning, rectification and improvement on mistakes or shortcomings of the past, to become a lesson for one’s self, for others and for the public as a whole.  That is called learning or a lesson.  Experience and wisdom, as well as knowledge and capability, are used as a tool to make sure that mistakes are not repeated, which will bear fruit in due course,” said the King in his message.


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