11 July 2024

The opposition Kao Klai party’s motion to amend Section 272 of Thailand’s Constitution, to exclude senators from process of the election of the Prime Minister, has been aborted after several MPs, who agreed to second the motion, withdrew their support at the last minute.

After the failure to get their motion accepted for consideration by the House of Representatives, many Kao Klai MPs grudgingly threw their support behind the Pheu Thai party’s constitutional amendment attempt, through the submission of four motions.

Informed parliament sources said that several MPs of the smallest parties, who had signed up to second the Kao Klai’s motion to amend Section 272, were lobbied intensely to withdraw their support.

Among them are Monkolkit Suksintharanon, of the Thai Civilized party, Pichet Sathirachavan of the Prachatham Thai party, Pirawit Ruangruedolapark of the Thai Rak Tham party, Chulapant Nonsrichai of the Chart Thai Pattana party and Surathin Pijarn of the Prachatippatai Mai party.

For a motion to be accepted for debate in the House, it needs support of at least one-fifth of the members of the House of Representatives, or 99 MPs.

After Kao Klai’s aborted attempt to amend Section 272, core members of Pheu Thai approached Kao Kai leading members to ask them to switch to supporting their party’s four motions seeking broader amendments of the charter, including Section 272.

The Pheu Thai party’s four motions are to be submitted to House Speaker Chuan Leekpai on Thursday.