6 June 2024

Journalists, both Thai and international, have started arriving at the office of Chiang Rai provincial administration for the first press conference with the 12 Wild Boars soccer team and their coach.

The tightly-controlled press conference is scheduled to start at 6 pm and broadcast live via the daily “Thailand Moving Forward” programme which is normally telecast simultaneously on all digital TV channels. Thai PBS news team in Chiang Rai reported that many of the journalists began registering for the press conference as early as before 4 pm.

Since journalists will not be allowed to pose questions directly to the young footballers, they were asked to submit their questions in advance to be screened by psychiatrists.

Some of the questions submitted as seen by Thai PBS deal mostly with how the boys and their coach managed to cope with the two-week captivity within in the dark and flooded cave, and what they plan to do in returning to their normal lives.

The press conference will take place in the presence of the boys’ families and all of them are expected to be allowed to go home after that.