6 June 2024

Since the Move Forward party unexpectedly won the most House seats in the general election, its leader Pita Limjaroenrat, the prospective premier, has managed to steal the limelight.

It is not only his good looks which have caught the public eye, but it seems that his interviews, his dress sense and his gestures are all well calculated, enabling him to be a real influencer.

He recently appeared on the “Ruanglao Chaonee” morning news programme on Channel 3, one host of which is veteran journalist Sorayuth Suthassanachinda.

During the interview, Pita told the audience about his favourite drinks, saying he starts his morning with orange black coffee, with orange and soda in the afternoon. In the evening, he drinks what he called “Kao Na liquor”.

“At night, I love to drink local Sangvein Spirits, which are made from sugarcane from the central province of Suphan Buri,” he said. He also suggested Kilo, from the southern province of Krabi, saying we should add value to local sugarcane and his government has the intention to promote local liquors abroad.


After the interview, many netizens talked about Sangvein Spirits and the other brands Pita mentioned, as they want to taste them. He did the interview on Friday morning and a few hours later a Facebook page, called Beer People, wrote, “Urgent!!!! The factory says Sangvein Spirits are already out of stock.”

Many netizens branded him as the best ambassador and salesman ever. His party’s popular manifesto pledge is to liberalise liquor-making and allow more small producers to enter the market.

Photo Courtesy: Chordtabs/CT Music Shop

Pita appeared in the interview with a white guitar, called Blue Lava Touch which, according to its company, integrates amulti-touch display and HILAVA system with new material designed to be eco-friendly. He played the guitar and sang a few Thai songs.

Video clips of him singing went viral and received thousands of likes and shares on social media platforms. On June 2nd, aFacebook page called Chordtabs/CT Music Shop explained the features of the guitar. The post drew attention from many netizens and attracted more likes, shares and comments onother postings on the page. The page listed the price of the guitar at Bt19,900.

A former Move Forward MP, Pakornwut Udompipatskul, jokingly wrote on the Cordtabs/CT Music Shop page, “You are so quick” with smiley emoji. The administrator of the page wrote back, “Someone asked me about it (the guitar), so I help by explaining.”

Pakornwut then said that it was OK for the page to use Pita as brand ambassador, but with special discounts for the party’s members. He ended the comment with smiley emoji again. The admin answered with “Yes, of course”.

Photo Courtesy: Pita Limjaroenrat

Moreover, Pita’s choice of clothes for the Pride Parade in Bangkok on Sunday attracted the attention of the public, particularly netizens. He stunned many people, because he usually wears suits or blue and white shirts.

He appeared at the event, however, wearing a Paul Smith swirl print silk shirt, which seemed to fit the rainbow-theme of the event. His change of style sent netizens hunting for details of his colourful shirt and they found it in Paul Smith’s women’scatalogue, whose discounted price was at Bt6,260.

While many people can surely afford the price of the shirt, they may have to find as much confidence as Pita to wear it.

By Marisa Chimprabha