21 May 2024

Government security forces engaged in a fierce gun battle with insurgents at an outpost in Mueang district of Thailand’s restive southern province of Yala early this morning (Sunday).

Arriving on motorcycles and by foot, about 20 insurgents attacked the outpost in Ban Nibong village, in Budi sub-district, with automatic rifles, pipe bombs and M79 grenade launchers.

The defenders of the outpost, including 18 volunteers and three soldiers, fought back and called for reinforcements, who arrived at the scene to engage the insurgents.

The firefight lasted less than an hour, after which the insurgents retreated. Police said that there were no casualties among government forces.

A team of ordnance disposal and forensic officers are due at the scene today, to search for any explosives which might have been planted by the insurgents before their retreat and to look for clues as to the identities of the attackers.