In politics, blood is not always thicker than water

Blood is thicker than water, it was so said.  But it is definitely not for the case of the two Juangroongruangkit clan members – Suriya of the pro-government Palang Pracharat party and Thanathorn, leader of the pro-democracy Future Forward party.

In an interview on Thursday, Thanathorn said he regretted that Suriya who is regarded as his uncle did not join the pro-democracy camp and, hence, they can never be allies in politics.

But as far as personal relationship is concerned, he said they are still relatives.

However, the new firebrand politician did not mention another Juangroongrruangkit clan member, Pongkavin, alias Foam, who recently joined the Palang Pracharat party like Suriya.

Son of Komon, Suriya’s elder brother, Pongkavin quit as the CEO of International Engineering Company and board chairman of Pinehurst golf club to jump into political bandwagon and was appointed executive committee member of Palang Pracharat party.

Pongkavin who recently donated five million baht to the party said he made the donation so that the party could move forward because, for the time being, only executive committee members can legally make donations to the party.

He said there is not much difference working in a private corporation and in politics as the latter involves a lot of people who can be affected by a political decision and, hence, making a political decision must be cautious.

Besides the Juangroongruangkit clan, the Thienthong clan headed by the clan patriarch Sanoh, long-time veteran politician of the eastern province of Sa Kaeo, was also affected by the “sunction power” of the Palang Pracharat party.  Two clan members who are former MPs of Sa Kaew have turned their backs on the Pheu Thai party to seek greener pasture in the Palang Pracharat party.



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