23 May 2024

The cabinet has agreed to temporarily exempt the use of immigration forms, known as “Tor Mor 6”, for foreigners entering or exiting Thailand by air, to facilitate immigration checks and reduce congestion at airport immigration checkpoints, according to Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisuree Traisoranakul.

There is no timeframe yet when this measure will become effective, but it is expected to take a week.

The same immigration forms for Thai nationals were withdrawn by the military junta five years ago, she said.

Non-Thais entering or exiting Thailand by land or by sea are, however, still required to complete the forms.

She explained that the temporary measure for air passengers has been introduced because the number of foreign arrivals has increased significantly and being required to complete the “Tor Mor 6” form and COVID-19 screenings by health officials has resulted in bottlenecks.

The exemption will also help to create a positive image at airports, regarded as the first experience of the country for many.

Traisuree also said that collection of data on arriving passengers can be done through the biometric system and information from airlines and tour agencies.